Monday, March 2, 2009

Hot Potato, Hot Potato!!!

Kroger has their 10 lb bag of potatoes on sale for $2.99!!

That is a great deal. Many of my girlfriends, however say they hesitate to buy them because they will go bad. Well worry no more because here are some killer ideas on how to use this great deal to your advantage. ( All without getting sick of potatoes!)

Did you know that you can freeze mashed potatoes??
When such a great deal comes around, I will plan to have mashed potatoes one night during the week. I will triple the amount I make. (Yes, I know that's alot of potatoes... it will be worth it!)

After our family eats I will divide the remainder of the mashed potatoes into ziplock freezer bags. (I usually get 3 bags out of it !) For next couple of months whenever we want to have mashed potatoes we just get a bag out of the freezer and empty it in a pot on the stove. They taste the same and the texture is the same! It really stretches your money and gives you some extra time since you don't have to make all those extra potatoes.

Make potato soup!
Its easy cheap and delicious! Make a double batch and freeze leftovers in freezer containers. We usually freeze in small containers so we can take them out for lunches. (Great with grilled cheese!)

Here is a recipe for stellar ham, potato, cheese soup! (Add jalapeno for some warmth :) )

Make Breakfast

I rarely think about potatoes for breakfast, yet when we go out to eat I always get them! Cube those suckers and fry them up for a special family treat on a Saturday!

Make a casserole to freeze

When someone has a baby or loses a loved one I always try to take them food. In my family whenever someone was down and out we fed them ( Thus, why my hubby and I eat during every possible emotion we experience. I am getting off the subject...)

I never feel like making one at the time, however. I find if I make it ahead and have it in the freezer I am always so grateful to have something to take to someone!

Here are some great recipes! Here and Here!

Plant them.

You heard me right sister.

When potatoes start to sprout we throw them away and feel bad for wasted food. Do you know that you can plant your sprouted potatoes? Its best to do this in early spring or late fall. See this great article for how to's!

I will also be featuring many Irish recipes over the next couple weeks. Most of them have potatoes in them... so check back!


k.n. said...

So you really just make them like normal and freeze them (mashed potatoes)? Then you heat them up on the stove (still frozen)? Sounds too good to be true... :)

gail said...

this is great to know that you can freeze mashed potatoes! i had a large bag of instant mashed potatoes given to me and even with only using half of it we had lots of left overs. so i'm going to go freeze the leftovers. great post!

Tracy said...

There is a 10 LB bag of potatos for sale at our Kroger here in the INDY area! Glad I found this post. I too LOVE potato soup!!! I will have to try freezing the mashed potatoes. Super idea I never really thought of!