Saturday, March 7, 2009

Some great deals for you!

Here are some deals that have come into my mailbox this week!

Babies R Us - Here is a link to "$845 in values and coupons".

Birthday in a Box - This month is Pinata month! They are giving 10 % off of Pinatas until March 31st. See the button on my left side bar for the savings!
Click Pinatas to see the selection.

Bed Bath and Beyond- I don't know about you but I get a 20% off coupon almost weekly in my mail. My girlfriend "K" sent me an e-mail last night telling me not to throw the expired ones away. She was informed that they still take them and used hers! So keep yours even if their past their prime!

CVS- Here is another tip from my friend "K". She went to CVS and bought CVS brand formula and a couple of other items that were CVS brand. When she got up to the register they asked if she had any coupons. She replied that she did but they were for the name brand items. They told her that they would accept the name brand coupon for their generic item and applied her coupons. Now I am not sure if this was just her store or if they all do this. Have you had an experience with this at CVS? Let me know!

Cookie Cutters- (I am talking the kids haircutting salon in Central Ohio)Sign up here to receive discounts in your e-mail.