Saturday, March 7, 2009

St Patricks day Crafts for Kids

This weekend is supposed to be really nice here in Ohio and it has me itching to take the babies outside! These are some great crafts to do outside! ( Or inside if your temps are not so nice!!)

Blarney Stone Craft- (In southwestern Ireland, there is a very famous stone, called the Blarney Stone. It is located high up in Blarney Castle. If you kiss the Blarney Stone, it is supposed to give you the gift of eloquence. )

Have your kiddos find a large rock, and paint it green.

After the paint is dry decorate with glitter, sequins, beads, plastic jewels, googly eyes, bits of yarn, or other interesting items. (Note to self... this is a great time to get rid of some of those 1/4 full bottles of glitter and other items I don't know what to do with!)

When the paint and glue are dry, add details (like eyebrows, etc.) using markers.
You now have your own small Blarney Stone to help you celebrate St. Patricks Day!

Easy Shamrock paper craft ( with song!!)
Cut a shamrock shape out of green construction paper. Have your little one color, marker and glue fruit loops or other rainbow cereals on the paper.

Glue a pop cycle stick on the back. Wait for everything to dry.

Here's a little song for your shamrock!

I'm a little Shamrock (sung to: I'm a little Teapot)

I'm a little shamrock look at me
oh what color can I be
If you said that I was the color green
then stand right up and YELL YIPPEE!

More crafts to come in the next few days!!


Tracy said...

LOVE the Blarney stone idea!!! I will be out looking for rocks with the kiddos this weekend in our 70 degree weather!!!! YIPPEE!!!