Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Big changes around here!

Hey guys! Y'all know that I took last week off to enjoy (plan and cook for 12- yeah enjoy :) ) Easter with my family. I must admit that it was nice to wake up at a nice time instead of hauling my tushy out of bed at 6:15 to work on my blog!

I planned to be back in action yesterday but my son turned 3 yesterday so of course the day was his!! I will be posting my Kroger and Meijer bargain meal of the day later today.....I didn't want you to think that I totally disappeared! Things will be a little slow this week because I am planning a big cowboy party for this Saturday... hee haw!!! Life has been totally crazy this Spring but it got me thinking about where I would like this blog to go.

I still plan to post some funny stories, bargain recipes, and some can't pass up deals but there will be some additions.

--I plan to post alot more kids activities. There are some great crafts/activities that I want to do with my kidlets so I thought I would share.

--I want to do a grocery store list once a month. My girlfriend mentioned to me the other day how she just wants to see what to buy at the store to make a meal everyday for a week under her budget. So its my prayer to try to do this once a month. I will use the weekly ad along with coupon match-ups and be posting recipes for those meals. Basically I will provide a complete shopping list that will utilize the deals while giving you 6 meals. Its my hope to make your life just a little easier.

--More home crafts. I make my own wreaths, swags, tablecloths, and various other items for my home. I plan to start showing you how to make these things. Not only will you save money but you can also make things the way you want them!

--A new look. After talking to my hubby, we both think its time for my blog to get a facelift. I am so excited that its growing faster than I ever thought it would. I want to make things easier to navigate, search for recipes and just look a little better. You may be seeing some changes when you visit..... please ignore the dust :)

Is there any feature you would like to see added? Is there anything that would make your life just a little easier? Let me know!! You can either leave a comment or email me at everythingmom@live.com .

Thanks for your patience!!


Kelli said...

Go for it. Change is good!