Friday, April 10, 2009

Why I love an empty fridge/ pantry

While I am taking a week off for Easter I thought I would post some "retro" posts of mine. Hope you have a wonderful Easter!!

I know it sounds heart just leaps with little bounds of joy when I open my fridge and its a sparse sight! When my pantry is overflowing I frown. Am I crazy? A little....

I get so excited because it means that I am not wasting food. With these times I just hate wasting anything!!! I hate cleaning out my fridge only to find some yummy leftovers that I forgot about. Hidden by a fridge full of junk, it now has a lovely aroma of yuck!

When it comes to the pantry I am the same way. Besides canned goods that last a nuclear war, I find oils, bread mixes and seasoning that are well past their prime. I cringe thinking of the wasted money that I am now putting into the trash. (Not to mention filling the landfills)

I stockpile somewhat. When I have a great coupon or there is a killer deal at the store I will buy a couple of products. What I have started doing, however, is to have a stockpile week. I will plan my menu around all the extras I have lying around the house. I end up cleaning out my pantry and fridge but with each night I feel so good using all the products that I buy! If I have a recipe that calls for celery I will try to make another recipe that also calls for it so that there is none to waste.

I know that I am a weirdo and this is such a random post..... this week I have not had to go the grocery store and spend a dime because we are cleaning out the fridge and pantry. What a good feeling!!!