Wednesday, June 24, 2009

WFMW - Making going away a little easier for little ones!

We are BLESSED to live by the nicest neighbors in the world. (Its also not too shabby that their daughter is a elementary school teacher ((and our babysitter of choice)) and the mom is a pediatric nurse!! )

My son thinks that their house is just an extension of our own. Often times I will see him start to head over there out of the corner of my eye. Other times they will come and get him to help walk the dog, water the flowers or just taste test some cookies out of the oven. Their worth is more than diamonds and gold.

So when they told me that they would be going to Florida for ~~gasp~~ seven days I started to panic a little. My neighbor smiled knowingly and said that she would make sure he was busy while they were gone.

The morning they left, I found a little package on my doorstep. Included was a activity packet with a day for everyday they were gone and a countdown calendar.
The countdown calendar had a map where they would be staying. It helped to explain to my little cherub where his "friends" had gone to. It also had a calendar marked with the time and day they left and the same for the return. Stapled to the top were stickers with a note to place a sticker on each day they were gone. When there were no more stickers they would be home!

The activity book was filled with activities each day they were gone. Each day had.. "Today I... " Today my sister...." "My favorite thing about today..." and then an activity. On Wednesday they had " find the watering can on our porch and water the garden" On the day of their return it was " Make a welcome home sign with markers and stickers."

I don't have to tell you what a thrill this was for my little guy. I thought it was a clever way to make a loved ones time away go by quickly and of course that works for me!

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Anonymous said...

That is just SO cool! Thanks for sharing.