Saturday, September 12, 2009

Mama knows best : trash can tip!

We as mamas have to be innovative and thrifty all in the same beat. Somehow we find new ways of doing things that save us money, time and maybe if we are really blessed.... sanity!

This weeks tip comes from Traci who has an awesome deals blog :) You can check it out here!

Here are a tip that I use to help keep my sanity:

To save time when taking out the trash, I keep about 4 – 5 trash bags in the bottom of each trash can. Then, when I pull out the full bag, another one is right there and I pull it out and put it back into the can. This way, I am only running around the house looking for trash bags once a month.

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BentoForKidlet said...

Oh that is brilliant! I must start doing that :D

Macomb Money Savers said...

I do this, too, and it really helps to streamline things! Anything to get the trash emptied more quickly (and avoid that "Oops, there wasn't a bag in there" disaster that can occur)!

Sharon said...

I tried that at my house. No one knows how to take out the trash but me. If I don't get to it right away they just keep piling on! Stuff gets on the outside of the bag, then ends up in the bottom of the can and the next thing you know, my clean bags are nasty. I can however, hang the clean bags over one side of the can. (and pray they gunk up the other sides)