Wednesday, September 16, 2009

WFMW: Keep the stockpile close!

I admit it. My name is Summer and I am a stockpiler. It happened gradually. I used to snicker at my BFF who had 175 Juicy juices lined in a row under her island. (Okay maybe not that many.,... but it was alot. Trust me.)

Then I had a couple of coupons for Knorr noodles that made them free. So I grabbed as many as I could. Then I got macaroni and cheese for $.25 a box. So I did what any sensible bargain shopper would do. I got a crazy look in my eyes and emptied the shelf. A little here.. a little there. Next thing you know my hubby is telling me I better not even think about bringing another box of Cheerios into his garage!

Stockpiling is great in theory. Until you have thrown it all into your garage and don't know that half of it is there. My hubby, being the saint that he is, came up with a great solution for me.

He made these very easy shelf's right outside my garage door. I don't even have to step foot in the garage. Everything is clearly displayed and I can grab what I need and go. Nothing goes bad and I can see what I need more of. ( As if !!! ) He said they took 5 minutes and anyone could do it. And that totally works for me !!!

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Sharon said...

Gotta love those handy husbands! I bought shelving units at Walmart for mine.

As You Wish said...

What a great solution, love it. If only I had an attached garage, but I think I could use the idea in my basement.

Marcy said...

LOL - I created a monster! Oh and it wasn't 177 bottles of Juicy Juice...more like 190. :-)

The shelves look great!