Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Menu Plan Monday.... on Tuesday

Well its happened. I had to go to the grocery store in the first time in 3 months. I was actually excited to start couponing and such since its been so long :) So I am back to official meal plans!

I am blessed to be a part of a small playgroup each month. We have a party once a month where the kids run-a-muck and we get to talk. (Well between breaking up sword fights and wiping boogies) I held the Thanksgiving party. I actually made a turkey breast that I got for $5 and it was so delicious!! It also provided enough for 3 meals this week!! I hope some of these recipes help with your turkey leftover. Happy Eating Y'all!!!

Monday: Roast Turkey breast, mashed potatoes, green beans

Tuesday: Beef tacos, Spanish rice, black beans

Wednesday: Turkey Tettrazinni, Broccoli, Rolls

Thursday: Grilled chicken breast w/ green peppers, onions and melted provolone, potato

cakes (made from leftover mashed potatoes) Mixed veggies

Friday: Pizza Night!

Saturday: Hot subs, baked fries ( GO BUCKS!! )

Sunday: Turkey Noodle Soup, French Bread