Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mama Knows Best - Grab bags

Life comes fast. I am a total planner but sometimes things come up. Like last minute appointments and when the sitter cancels and you have to take your little one with you to get your annual OBGYN exam.

Good times.

And any Mama knows that sometimes snacks and juice are just not enough.

So I have started keeping several "grab bags" at the top of my coat closet. In them I include never opened happy meal toys, party favors, little notepads, crayons, stickers, lolipops, leftover holiday candy, granola bars, mini games and anything else we pick up along the way.

I try to keep 2 - 3 bags at the top of the closet so that I can grab it quickly and go. Its contained in a freezer bag so there is no chance of spilling and the stuff is either never been seen or forgotten so its new and exciting to a little one. (I can stuff the bag in any purse or bag that I happen to be taking with me.)

It keeps them entertained while I get to do what I have to do....and that makes this mama very happy!!