Tuesday, March 9, 2010

This week in our home

Hey all!!! We are just back from spending time with our in-laws from New York. That means that we have been "busy" snowmobiling, watching movies, cooking good things and resting in each others company :)

What a blessing it is to have in-laws that genuinely love you and your children.

My little man got his very own snowmobile and proved that he cannot only drive it on his own but can keep up with his daddy.
We took the little princess out in the high snow. Bundled her up in a big pink fluffy mound and pulled her around on the sled. She had this odd look on her face the whole time that read..."why are we here? Who likes being cold?". She would point a pink fuzzy gloved hand to the house and say a muffled "INSIDE!" So most of the time princess and mama would just be looking at the men folk from the window. Maybe next year she will be a little more bold....or not. :)

Since we just got back, we have a bare fridge and busy schedule.(( Of course I just looked in my sons backpack since preschool is today and found out that he, of course, is the special person this week. )) I thought this would be the perfect week to do another eat from the pantry challenge.

Y'all know I love not going to the grocery store and I am proud to say that I have not gone for 3 weeks. (Minus sending the non coupon man I love for milk, fruit and veggies.)

Therefor I will not be doing a menu plan Monday. Instead I will be trying to come up with meals to use some of the ingredients in my pantry! (And it will be the perfect time to do a re-haul on our pantry....I will post pictures if I am not too embarrassed. It has gotten quite out of control.)

I will post some recipes that I find and use this week. I will also be posting the yummiest fruit pizza recipe I have ever gotten my little hands on!

Hope this is a yummy week for y'all!