Wednesday, March 10, 2010

WFMW: Shoe Basket

I try to give my kids responsibility. (As much as I can being that my kidlets are 2 and 4 :) ) I think that having little jobs that they are responsible for helps them to understand that they are part of what makes this family work. Not to mention it lays the groundwork for more "chores" yet to come.

As soon as the kids started wearing shoes on their adorable fat little feet, I started keeping a shoe basket. I keep it on the floor by their door. It keeps their shoes in one place and its accessible.

When we hit the front door the kids take their shoes off and march to their room. They know they need to take their shoes to their shoe basket in their room. It an easy task that they can fill good completing. It also gives mama one less thing to pick up...and that works for this mama!


Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

I love this idea of a shoe basket! We put ours on the steps and are supposed to carry them up when we go up there but that rarely happens without constant nagging.

Thanks for the super tip!

Wende said...

we have a 9 cubby shelf near our front door and each person (hubby and i are included) has their own "cubby" with a fabric cube in it. all of our shoes go in there. that way we know where our shoes are and they are always by the door on the way out! plus there is never a lost shoe!!!

Jane Buckeye said...

You need a better shot of the princess beach footwear - that your daughter tried to convince me she should wear in February. You know, when the 20 inches of snow had fallen.

Jenny said...

Oh this is an awesome idea. And I'm totally using it. Right now we pile everything by the door and it's annoying. Think I'll pick up a small laundry basket and throw them all in it and put it by the sink :D