Thursday, April 22, 2010

Clam up, you !

I try to get my kids to eat good things anyway I can! If that means putting eyeballs on with black olives....well I will do it!

I found a great bag of whole wheat mini pitas at Trader Joes. I will confess, I got them partly because they were cute. (I had no idea what I could make with them but my kids like little things and they were a good prices, so I scooped them up!)

What we came up with was so cute I just had to share.

I split them halfway and filled them with sliced turkey and some shredded cheese. I then popped them in the microwave for twenty seconds and wahlah!

I may have chased my kids around with them...but they loved it. We talked about where clams lived and what they are.

Add eyeballs with olives or make them crabs with thin carrot strips for legs. I am also thinking about added some cooked and seasoned spinach for "seaweed".

They loved them and I felt good that it was a healthy and a different lunch for them!