Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mama knows Best: laundry mayhem

We as mamas have to be innovative and thrifty all in the same beat. Some how we find new ways of doing things that save us money, time and maybe if we are really blessed.... sanity!
Ahhhh...laundry. You love it when it smells nice and fresh. You hate it when its piled to the ceiling and you don't know how it got that way. Love it or hate it, you have to do it. I am always looking for ways to make the laundry experience more....manageable.

I always fold or hang clothes before I even make the trek upstairs. That doesn't really help the put away process, however. I always go back and forth between rooms. I finish in my sons room only to find something at the bottom of the pile of his and have to go back. It goes on like this ....

Recently I have developed a great process to help me and save me time. I bought 4 laundry baskets, of four different colors. Each person is assigned a color. If you have laundry it goes in your basket. I then take the basket downstairs, wash the laundry, fold, hang and place back in the same basket.

One trip to one room. It saves me some eye twitching in my left eye :)

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