Friday, April 30, 2010


My son would live outside if we let him.

I still recall coming home from the hospital, full of wonder and awe of our new baby boy. It took a couple days, maybe even a week for the colic to fully set in. I remember crying right along with him on the couch.

Good times.

It was by sheer accident that we found that the only time he wouldn't cry was if we stepped outside. He was mesmerized. My husband and I would take turns walking laps around our house, just to stop the crying. When he got a little older we would place him in his bouncy seat, on the porch so he could watch the trees. He was one happy little tree watcher.

Set a foot in the door, he screamed.

Not much has changed in four years. We still have an outside boy. Now he likes to sword fight with sticks, dig canals in the dirt, plant seeds, examine bugs and ride his bake. He doesn't like to come inside for anything! He often begs to eat outside. (We are talking snow on the ground here.)

So my husband is thrilled that he has a little garage buddy to pal around with, teach about all things nature and show him the way of the tool bench. They are buds in every way and I am glad.


My husband has taught my son that it is super fun to....well drop trough and go number one outside. It started this winter when it was too hard to take off snow pants, boots and a coat just to tinkle a little. We are blessed that our backyard backs up to a historical farm so we just see grass and trees from our backyard. Hubs would take Jr to the back of our shed, and they would do their thing.

Well now its warm and its not really a problem to come inside and pee pee. I still will catch my first born standing behind the shed...watering my flowers. I tried to be cool and roll with it. I told myself.."he is a boy...that's what boys do." (I had a sister so I am not wise to the way of boys.)

A couple days ago I was at the park with my friend and my sons best bud. I was relishing in the fact that we could chat on a spread blanket while the kids played on the playground and how big they were getting. I glanced up to see my sons exact location when I saw a strange sight.

I could see that my baby boy was standing by the slide. (He was on the other side of it.) I could also see that his shoulders were hunched forward and he was looking down in concentration.

I started to get cold and numb as I quickly realized that the way he was standing looked familiar to was the pee stance.

So being the rational woman I am, I screamed across the playground in a shrill voice. His head snapped up and he yelled back equally loud. " Mama...I'm Pee'in. I had to go." He then "put it away" , zipped up his pants and jumped on the climbing wall.

I stood totally frozen. I observed my surroundings. I bet there were ten kids around him at the time and several mamas. Once again I was mortified....I looked at my friend. I can't be sure.... but I think she was trying to stifle a little giggle.

I sat back down trying to process what had just happened. We had a talk on the way home about not going pee on the playground..or anywhere besides behind our shed. I caught his expression in the rear view mirror. It was a look that said "This woman is crazy".

I also had a talk with his daddy that night.

So now when he hits the age where he starts to get embarrassed of us and thinks his parents uncool, I will be prepared with proper ammunition. I will pull this little gem out and make sure the cute girl hears it.

Oh yeah...payback....