Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers day

We live in a world where we hear about the negative. Fathers leave their children, have affairs, are not there when needed, do not provide financially or spiritually for their loved ones. Sadly, all of this is true.

There are so many, however, that do all the right things and more....

To my husband who has showed me what a father truly is. My kids are beyond blessed to have him and I am overwhelmed with his love.

He tells my daughter that she is beautiful everyday. He shows my son how to use a wrench and screwdriver and lets a four year old take twenty minutes "helping" when it should only take two. He reads, sings and dances with them. He loves their mama with a fierceness that they can see.

He shows them how a man should act and love and be in a marriage.

I am thankful.