Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Works for me Wednesday: Bird is the word....

Summers are fun...and hard at the same time. It difficult to keep the kids from getting bored and staging an all-out mutiny. Its a fine line between that crazy look in their eyes from too many icee-pops and just pure boredom. In an attempt to keep the crazy looks away, I have decided to plan some loose theme based activities each week.

This week we are doing bird week. (A trip to the library resulted in too many bird books.) We have been reading them this week and have learned where they live, different species, what they eat and even what their eggs look like! My son is surprisingly interested in the yuckier details. EWWWW.

We have also been extra diligent in seeing what is living in our backyard which turns out to be a combination of hummingbirds, cardinals and blue jays. Its a rainbow of fun....

Today we did our kids craft of painting bird houses. I found cute little bird houses at JoAnnes for $.50 each and then used my 50% off coupon to buy some pots of water proof and uv proof paint. Then we had a blast painting the new bird condos/restaurants.

The kids had so much fun and I enjoyed watching them lose the crazy look...for a little while at least.

Tomorrow its shopping for seed and hanging our houses. Not only did we have fun but they actually learned some things this week as well...and that works for this mama!

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