Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sometimes its about survival

Don't you just love the airline stewardess?

I especially love the very practiced safety speech they give at the beginning of the flight. The two finger pointing to the emergency exits, pulling on the yellow inflatable life vest, the example of the flotation device that is currently your seat. (All while having a picture perfect smile and make up too , I might add!)

My very very favorite part of their spiel is something I find fascinating. When it comes to cabin pressure. When the cabin pressure drops, these little mask things fall from the heavens. The airline stewardess then says the most shocking thing. They instruct you to first place the life giving mask on your face before you place it on your child's mouth.

My first gut reaction is that of disbelief! My child comes first. I want to take care of my child first.

This is the way of the mama, isn't it? We love these little blessings and its our job to take care of them and their needs.

But sometimes , I have come to realize, its about survival.

If you would place that mask around your child's mouth first, then you risk running out of air and dire consequences would surely follow. Who would then take care of your loved ones? What would happen to them?

If you would first get the crucial air that you need then you could have the resources to then take care of all your loved ones. You could keep going.

This is a lesson that God is really showing me about this week. I am trying to take care of everyone. Everyone that is but myself. No one is going to come into this home and make me take a bubble bath or go for a long walk or a dinner out with some good girlfriends. I am starting to figure out that I am going to have to claim this time as my own. Even fight for it sometimes. Not to be selfish but to survive.

So many times this week alone, I have pushed my daily devotional to the side because the kids need me. But I have come to realize that I need my Father too. Until I am filled up myself, I am empty to fully give back to those I love the most. Its not selfish because in the end I am a better mama, friend and lover. I am filled and fulfilled and I am free to pour out.

So I am going to start to try to look at time with a good girlfriend as a huge giant oxygen mask that is being dropped from the sky. Or at least that is what I will tell myself as I pay the babysitter :)