Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Works for me Wednesday: School survival kit and craft in one!

I have noticed that the more activities that my #1 does that revolves around going back to school, the more excited and prepared he gets. We had a back to school party the other day with some friends and made some "school survival" bags.

The kids had a blast and it actually has a fundamental purpose!

I got quart size zip lock bags. I had the kids write their name in the white label part with permanent marker. (Good practice in writing skill, too!!)

Then I let them go crazy with school school themed stickers I picked up from the dollar store.

They stuffed them with fun themed band aids, antibacterial and packs of buzz light year tissues.

They keep them in their book bags so they are always there when runny noses, crying jags, dirty playground equipment or skinned knees occur!

And that totally works for this mama!!!

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