Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Works for me Wednesday: Party on !!

I don't know about you but I hate trying to find things to fill birthday goodie bags. I have kids attend our parties that range in ages 14 - newborn so you see my dilemma. Batman coloring books for the 14 year old? I can see the embarrassment on his face already.

If I want to please everyone, I have to shop several different stores and I end up spending alot more sanity and money that I intend to.

This year for my daughters birthday party I tried something new which worked wonderfully!

Instead of goodie bags, I had a candy bar ....

I choose many different candies that would work for all ages and I placed them in several glass containers that I had. I provided some Chinese take out boxes and scoops and let all my guests belly up to the bar and fill their own favor boxes with the candy that looked good to them.

It was very economical as I bought candy after Valentines day when it was 75% off and even found some great candy at the dollar store! (I ended up spending way less than I usually do on goodie bags )

Everyone was happy that they didn't have one more trinket cluttering up their house and I could eat the leftovers :)

And that works for this mama......

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Anonymous said...

Love this idea! Checking in from WFMW!