Friday, March 11, 2011

Where has time gone?

My little girl, my baby, turned 3 last week.

I look at her and still see my infant girl swaddled in pink.

She proves she is three, however by having strong opinions in almost everything. From what she is going to wear to not liking her hair in a ponytail to loving all things Strawberry Shortcake.

She announced to us a couple weeks ago, she was going to start going to the potty. Then did.

She is all girl and loves all things girlie. I especially love it when she gets up from her nap. I know she has gotten up because she wears play heels out of her room and the "clomp, clomp" sound is like a trumpet announcing her arrival.

She is fierce.

I want her to stay like this forever. Knowing who she is. (A beautiful, confident child of the king)

My prayer is that she will be fierce in her beliefs and stay true.

I know its going to be a long road.

She is pure joy.