Sunday, April 8, 2012

Where have you been?!?

People have been asking me left and right why I haven't blogged lately. The answer is simple.

I have been crazy. :)

Not crazy, ha ha either....just plain crazy.

I knew the Lord was making some changes this year. I could feel them. Being in a season of change and reproof is not fun in oh so many ways. It is necessary, however.

After much prayer and seeking wise council, my hubbie and I have decided that we were being led to move.

Where you ask?

If you know .....well, let me know.

That's the thing with our heavenly Father. He is a light onto your path. That means you can see the next step. Its lit so you know where to place your foot. Its not a flood light showing you the destination.

I tried to kindly dispute the timing with God. Spring is my busy time. I have all 3 kids birthday which means, baking and parties and lots of running. I also have vacations, dance recitals, end of school functions, Easter basket making and about a hundred other things. So when the call to move came in Spring, my first response was "really?".

Of course that same morning that I was feeling totally overwhelmed and lost, God reminded me why I serve him. I had my morning prayer time in which I cried out to God. (I take long showers....its the only place I am ever alone, :) )

I will be honest, I was super whiny.

"I don't know where you want us! I am fearful of getting a house ready to show with three small children!! I need to plan but have no direction in which to go! I don't feel led in any one direction and we are not finding any houses that we like. Will our house even sell?"

I then sat down with a book that I have been trying to get through. (And by sit down , I mean having it open while I feed the baby oatmeal.)

It directed the reader to read Psalm 107. This is what jumped out at me from the pages.

" He led them by a straight way
to a city where they could settle." Psalm 107:7


I was humbled into silence. Anyone that knows me, knows that I am rarely silent.

I heard clearly a loving Father gently remind me that he has this. I can stop fretting and worrying. He has told us to move and he will move us.

In his time.

Where and when he wants us to be.

To serve him and for our good.

I was lovingly schooled that I needed to chill.

I want to say that everyday I simply turned to him and had comfort. I did not. I have had the crazy laugh on many a day. I have snapped at my kids because I cannot get 5 minutes to pack any boxes. I have failed over and over and over.

He has forgiven me just as many times.

I am grateful for fresh morning with new chances.

So, friends that is where I am currently. A weird new place for me. A place that I have not been before. I can feel my priorities shifting and I am trying to learn to totally let go and just obey.

Its a struggle. Its exciting and terrifying.


Hannah said...

You are such a great writer. You have a gift. :-) Praying that you find yourself on the other side of the chaos soon.