Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hello my name is Susan...

and I am addicted to cleaning products. I admit I have a serious problem. Every time a commercial comes on t.v. for a new "helpful" tool my eyes glaze over and I get a goofy smile. Its like they know what I need to make my life easier. My family is aware of my problem. My husband tries to turn the channel or redirect me in the stores but I am too far gone. He tries to convince me that I don't need anymore but somehow I always end up with one in my car.

They really do save me time and effort though. I should have named my daughter swiffer because I am their #1 fan. Have you seen the swiffer with the awesome cloth and the vacuum? It sweeps and sucks up all the dirt at one time. Bye bye broom and pan! If someone calls to say that they are stopping by in a few minutes I can whip it out and clean my hardwood floor in a matter of minutes. I also really love the swiffer flicker ( I think that's what its called ) Its for your carpet. I can pick up all the stuff that my loving family drags in off the carpet without dragging the vacuum out every day. It saves so much time! And I love my hubby to death but my runner up man has to be Mr. Clean. What a man! The ready mop and tub scrubber is such a great invention and saves me sanity on my most dreaded chore. The bathroom- YUCK!

Of course there is the expense of refills..... but who can put a price on time right? I can use the time to cut coupons... :)