Saturday, August 16, 2008

No princes here!

I read this article when my son was little about how a mom was raising her boys. She said that in frustration one day she informed them that she wasn't raising princes. I gave a little chuckle and quickly forgot about the article.

This week that article came floating back to the front of my subconscious. I was asking my two year old to please pick up his play food off the kitchen floor. He replied with a sly smile and said " Mama clean it" Uh nooooooooooooo. I decided that my little prince needed to be de-throned.

I usually just pick up after him because 1.) its easier and quicker 2.) It gets done correctly. I have decided though that I need to start giving him some responsibility. I don;t want to wake up and have 16 year old that expects me to be his live in maid. I have a darling husband who cooks, cleans and just generally pitches in. This was hugely attractive when we were dating and very helpful when I had my babies. I know that if I teach my little man slowly to be self sufficient than it will only benefit any future wife. ( He's never getting married but you know... hypothetically)

I know what your thinking... a two year old really? That's what I thought too. So we are taking baby steps.

1.) I am asking him to pick up his own messes as long as its not too overwhelming. If it is overwhelming I will help him but not do it on my own.

2.) I am very specific on my requests. I will ask him to put his cars in his blue bucket.

3.) He now has a chore.

His chores are just little things that I have made accessible to him. He now sets his place at the table. I got a basket that has some construction trucks on it and filled it with his plates, forks and spoons. At dinner time he gets to pick his own plate, fork and he sets it at his place at the table. It makes him feel important to get to pick his own plate and I think its teaches him that he needs to help at dinnertime.


I am hoping that these few small steps lead to a man who can take care of himself. So to his future wife out there... you can just thank me later :)