Saturday, September 20, 2008

What is your thing?

You know ladies.... the thing that you have to do to make yourself sane. For some people its getting the best deals, for others its having that couple cups of coffee in the morning. I have figured out that mine is getting ready for the day.

In my pursuit for order and saneness, I have discovered a few things. The first is that if I don't get a shower first thing in the morning, followed by hair, clothes and makeup, I feel awful! I end up feeling like the day is dragging by or that things are not getting done... blah. The other is that I have to straighten up my house before the day begins. Please don't misunderstand me.... I know its going to get trashed with toys and junk from the day. I however feel like I can face the day clothed and house clean.

Its not normal but its my thing. I think its a form of control. When things are getting crazy its something that I can control in my little part of life. For my girlfriends its something else. I have one that is all about finances. To not know where her money is at all times and exactly how it is being spent sends her over the edge. Another girlfriend is all about education. She needs to make loose lesson plans of things she wants her kids to learn or she feels lazy. One of my best girlfriends just needs a few minutes alone in the morning with her coffee to feel up to facing the day of leggos and barbies.

This has brought me to the conclusion that we all have our own thing that we are passionate about. What is your thing?


Courtney said...

Hi, I found you through Katy's blog. I have to say I am glad you pointed this out, because I am borderline psycho when it comes to finances. Checking my bank account online up to 6 times a day is the only way I can possibly stay sane. I figure it's better than picking up a crack habit, no?

Elizabeth said...

I also have to shower and straighten up before I begin or I'm overwhelmed ALL day! But then, I also write a list of what I need to do, make sure my shopping list is up to date, and double check my menu plan. I'm list maker and if my lists aren't done, I can't survive.