Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A more healthy ( and trimmer? ) me!

I went to the OB yesterday for various reasons. One of the main reasons was because I have been having too many blue days. I was a little worried that I would start listing "the dark place" as my place of address. I didn't think I have post partum, since the first four months after the birth of my daughter was totally fine. ( Sleep deprived but fine. )

The OB asked what has been going on and what has changed in my life. I couldn't really think of anything specific. After talking however I realized that my daughter had started solids and her breastfeeding had been reduced somewhat. My OB explained that when you breastfeed you are very low on estrogen. When there are changes in your breastfeeding, your estrogen kind of comes surging back. This can create havoc on your mental and emotional state.

I have been dwelling on what I could do to make some differences in how I feel. I know that part of the crummy way I am feeling is that I am so far from my pre baby shape that its not even funny. The kicker is that I am only two pounds away from pre baby weight but my shape is TOTALLY different.

It would be so easy to come up with all these grand rules and plans to start feeling better. I could say I was going to exercise everyday, eat only healthy organic food and plan to go on a date with my hubby once a week. I however am not that delusional... yet :) I realize that I don't want to bite off more than I can chew. Then I will just feel like I failed and be worse off then before.

So I am going to take one step at a time..... I am going to introduce small things each week in hopes that I will slowly change my lifestyle. My prayer is that these small changes will add up to big changes for me. A better self perspective, slimmer figure maybe? and a happier mama. And everyone knows that when mama isn't happy, no ones happy!!!

So I have decided to expose this raw nerve to you ladies. It is hard for me to admit that I am not handling things well but your prayers mean more to me than any image that I wish to convey. Us mamas are in this together. We all have our kids and the fierce love that it creates in common. I feel like I owe it to my children to be the best mama that I can be. So I figure if I put it on line I will be held accountable to what I have promised to do...... so here goes.

I told you my changes would be small! My goals this week is to:

BODY- Drink more water! I drink no water and I think I eat more due to dehydration. I am going to try to drink 8 glasses a day.

MIND- I need to get out by myself once this week. NO kids and no doing a household chore during my time. This has to be totally something that I enjoy. It doesn't have to be a money spender. It could be a long walk in the park to pray and enjoy the quiet....

So wish me luck and if you feel compelled you could join me :)


Marcy said...

I think these sounds like great goals. You are a great mom and deserve some quiet time to yourself. I'll say a little prayer for you too.

Hang in there mama!

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Katy said...

I am praying for you--and motivated by you! I have been struggling with some emotional issues since my son was born... 20 months ago! I have been thinking many of the same things that you wrote--that I need to start making some small changes toward a happier, healthier me--but haven't really implemented anything. But now I will if you will. :-)

Tasha said...

I'm joining the bandwagon. And I agree, its all about baby steps. I had met my first baby step goal a couple of weeks ago to lose 20 lbs... Yeah for me! But I have more to go and I've just been blah and stuck in a rut about it. So...I'm joining the band wagon! I too will try to drink my 8 glasses of water and go out to do something just for me...even if its just grocery shopping, at least I will do it in piece and quiet without a screaming baby to hold and a fist full of coupons to dig through...haha