Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Works for me Wednesday- Keeping track of library books

This is a pretty simple WFMW. It has, however, saved me alot of time and effort since implementing it in our home.

I found an odd shaped basket at TJ Maxx. ( You girls know how I love TJM) It was only $5 and it matched my furniture so I bought it. I started thinking of what I could do with it and it hit me. KEEP ALL OUR BORROWED ITEMS FROM THE LIBRARY IN IT.
Every time we would make a library trip I would be rushing around looking in my kids room and my room for those books. My kids rooms were the worst. In my sons attempt to clean his room he would put the library books with all the other books. A local search and rescue team (me and hubby) had to be dispatched. Alot of grumbling was involved.

So..... I decided to put my lovely basket in the main room of our house and all library books live there until returned. My kids get to read their books more because we know where they are. The best part about it is that when library day comes around it takes me a couple of seconds to grab the books. And this works for all of us!
For more great WFMW tips check out the awesome website Rocks in my Dryer.


Sarah said...

I saw your topic on Rocks in My Dryer site and just popping over... I'm always scrambling to find the library books strewn all over the house and there's ALWAYS one that's missing. Great idea!

Susan said...

Great idea to have a specific place where everyone knows to put them. I do hate overdue fines!

Mom2three said...

We love this! Organization is a must with library books! I have used a wooden crate we got from Hobby Lobby, put our Library books in there, and just take the crate. The librarians love to see the crate come in. We also have kept their reading list in a folder in there as well so they can grab it and see what books they need to look for. Thanks for sharing a great idea.

Sherry said...

That would definitely help us! :D Both of my children usually have several each along with my own.

Wanda said...

B R I L L I A N T !!!!!!

Lynn said...

Great idea! Don't you love those simple things that make life so much easier?