Monday, February 9, 2009

Everyday anew....

Do you know those days where the sun is shining, birds are singing and your kids are acting like angels? Yeah...yesterday was not one of those days. If you are looking for a happy perfect mom blog your in the wrong place, sister.

Yesterday started out with me locking my keys in my car. Locking my keys in the car in the cold Ohio weather. Locking my keys in my car, in the cold weather..... with my 2 year old snapped in his car seat inside. I called my husband and he thought that the smart thing to do was to call his buddies on the HEAVY RESCUE FIRE TRUCK (You know the really really big one that comes with the jaws of life) to come and rescue me. I seriously thought about crawling under my car until the whole thing was over when they were blocking five cars with their truck and couldn't get into my steel trap of a car. This is when 2 year old started knocking on the window telling me "I'm done mama!!" I guess he was done with this game... I wanted to tell him "me too!!"

I may be totally wrong here but I think that all of us mamas have days like these. I tend to raise my eyebrow like John Black on Days of our Lives when mamas appear too perfect. If it looks too perfect something is going terribly wrong somewhere. Or at least that is what I tell myself to get through the day. Don't we all have common threads woven throughout our life that unites us as mamas? I know I can totally sympathise with the woman in the grocery store with the screaming child. I smile at her and my eyes say " I've been there and done that!". That other mama is feeling horribly alone, however. At that moment it seems like her child is the only child in the whole store going through a moment of temporary insanity.

There is a show on TLC and its called 18 and counting. That's right people, the woman has 18 CHILDREN. Get this.... she home schools them all and never and I mean never raises her voice. She is the sweetest mama I have ever laid eyes on. I have 2 and feel like I am losing my mind occasionally. Sometimes I think I am on a candid camera gone bad. I look for the cameras but I never quite find them.... I know their there.

What keeps me going is my fierce love of my kids and the promise of a new day. I love the hope that a fresh new day brings. It makes me feel like I can start over tomorrow. I can be a better mama, a better wife, a better friend. It just amazes me how much better I feel after some sleep. So I will start each day hemmed in prayer. I pray that we will have a good day today, that I will have a sweet spirit. That I will be patient. Don't you just love a new day?


Angela O said...

Thank you!