Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentines fun for kids .....on a budget!

Valentines day is not just for couples! Little people looooove Valentines day! My 2 year old really dosen't understand what its all about. Being the tradition person I am however, I still do my little things to try to make it special. (Its not all about spending alot of money!) Here are some ideas to shower your little ones with lots of love on Valentines. :)

- Make pink rice crispy treats. ( I found strawberry marshmallows but you can buy a regular ones and just use food coloring) You could even get really creative and cookie cutter them in the shape of hearts......

- Make pink heart pancakes. My mom always made us shaped pancakes and we just loved them! Just make sure that you use a pancake mold with a handle to prevent getting burnt or freehand them. ( Who cares if it looks like a butt- tell them its a heart!)

-Make heart shaped cookies together.

- Remember when you had to make a valentines day box for school? Make a box with your little one and have the family members exchange valentines. They will "love" getting the mail!

-Have a valentines hunt. Hide Valentines candy or kisses throughout the house, give them a basket and send them off to see if they can find them all. ( You may be able to squeeze ten minutes to drink a cup of coffee but I can't make any promises!)

- Make Valentine coupons together. Cut out some rectangles on construction paper and help with the writing. Come up with some activities or chores that they can "give" - no grumbling- to your spouse. Dad would love getting the gift of "Watching a quarter of football with no interuption"!

- Make candy necklaces. Get some yarn and candy that can be strung ( Anything with a wrapper that can be hole punched should work fine).

Happy Heart day!


Anonymous said...

These are great ideas Susan. Thanks!
Christy in Paris TX