Monday, February 23, 2009

Making a Happy home- how we use books!

Don't we as mamas always try to make our homes a little happier? Its the little things that usually make the biggest difference. This week I am sharing how we use books in several different ways to make it a little more happy.

I read to our kids everyday. I love reading and I want my kids to love reading. I don't know about you mamas but I end up reading the same books everyday. ( You know.. the ones you don't have to read know them by heart. They are usually the ones that you hate.)

So I have started using books as part of our decor in our house. I place them on our coffee table and they are always on hand to read. I switch out the books weekly so at our fingertips are books that haven't been read in a while. I usually pick books that match the holiday. ( Notice the green ones for St. Patricks day) I will do Valentines books in the month of February, spring books in March, Easter books in April. You get the idea.

It adds some holiday flair to our living room, the kids get read to more and we don't read the same ol' books over and over. And this makes our home very happy indeed!

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