Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Things you never thought you would say... until you became a mom

There are certain phrases that I have found myself saying as a mama. Things that make my head tilt and give myself a mental head slap. Things that if I heard someone else saying without seeing the situation I would seriously consider hilarious/ scary/ weird. Here are some things that my friends and myself have said lately...

- Stop drilling your sisters head.

-We don't eat with our feet

- Mama's nose is not for exploring with your fingers

- No, Mama does not have a Penis

- Don't ride the dog

- When we were little we didn't even have air conditioning!

- That's not a man

- Eat the ones off the floor first!

- Eyes are not for touching

-Please don't lick your brother even if you are a Cheetah

- Hug and release

- When the cat makes that noise it means she doesn't like that

- If you use the potty you can have a whole bag of M&M's!!

- That doesn't go in your nose.

What are some things that you have said lately? I would love to hear them!

Have a happy Wednesday!


mhb said...

Ha! My girlfriend and I were talking about this just the other day! I have recently heard myself saying things like:

If you hiss at me again, you will go to your room.

I don't care if you eat spaghetti with your hands--just eat!

And the one I am most proud of---

If you break the legs off that chair, I will break the legs off your body!

mommymichelle6 said...

"Please don't cut the dog's hair with your safety scissors."

"Don't feed your sister glue and potato chips!"