Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Works for me Wednesday- Laundry sanity

Maybe I am the only one with this particular laundry problem. If I was a betting women however, I would bet that I wasn't alone. Let me set up the scenario.

9:30 Tuesday night.

Me: On the couch watching DVR with hubby, half asleep. Thinking about going to bed.

Hubby: "Um, honey?"

Me: (Thinking in my head) Uh oh.... (Saying out loud) "Yes?"

Hubby: "I need black socks for work tomorrow." ( Now he goes to work at 6:30 am for a 24 hour shift... grrrrrr )


Hubby: "Oh, I thought I told you......"

Me: "Uh NO!"

Does this sound at all familiar? I am willing and able to do anything for my family all day and half the night, but really? Could he have told me the other 48 hours he was home? My hubbys excuse is he thought about it but I wasn't around to tell or I was busy. Hmph. (That's the little noise I make when aggravated :) )

Then we came up with this!

Its a little white board with a erasable pen attached. It goes on the inside of the basement door. ( Yes our washer and dryer is still in the basement.) Here's the deal. My hubby will write what he needs on that little board and I will check it every time I go down to do laundry.
Things that need washed get done during the day while I have some coffee in me. I know what loads are needed and what can wait. I am hoping that when the kids get old enough they will also use the board. ( I'm not holding my breath but its a nice thought for me ) Most of all it saves a whole lot of grumbling at 11:00 at night.... and that works for my hubby and myself!

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Reflections in My Mirror said...

I have this problem with my man's uniform shirts!! I cured this with a basket JUST for his work clothes. I know he has 6 sets so I can bet that when his basket is getting full I need to do a load! It has saved me a lot of late night laundry! I do this with my oldest son's school uniforms as well. It works GREAT! My rule is if it is not in a basket - it doesn't get washed by me! It is up to them if they want clean clothes for work/school.
Amy Q

steadymom said...

Good idea!