Thursday, March 19, 2009

Livin in LA-LA Land!!!

I happened to catch a talk show a couple weeks ago. I normally am the road runner so middle of the day talk shows are all but a luxury if I don't DVR them. What I saw absolutely shocked me. I must confess, the shock melted quickly into a mixture of disbelief and anger.

Said talk show host was sending a man to random people doors and offering to organize a room for them. Ok... all good so far. I like that. I am big into organization (except my basement and pantry of course, because where else would I put all the junk?) Anywho, this guy was pulling up to peoples apartments along with 8 VW bugs filled with organization tools. Whatever, I'm still good. I have nothing against bugs that don't have multiple legs.

Then comes the clincher. They go into these peoples homes and organize them. They bring the people back in 4 hours later and wah lah. They have pimped ( yes I used the work pimped) out these rooms. Totally have added shelving systems, new furniture and chandeliers. Yes sister, you heard me right, chandeliers. All while smiling at the camera trying to convince us that we too can have all of this.

Ok........ let me break this down. The fact that this daytime host offered this service to random people was a great and lovely gesture. But don't tell the American public that we too can have all of this too. Have you seen the news? Have you seen what is happening in this world? Most people do not have $2000 to spend on closet organization. I am guessing that the majority of my friends would not spend $500 on a Pottery Barn chandelier to "spice up a room". Are you living in la-la land? Hellloooooooooooo...........

Let me tell you what I want to see from this daytime host. I want to see them knock on peoples doors offering to organize a room. Then I want them to use items from Odd Lots, the Dollar Store and Wal-mart to do real life organization that won't break the bank to achieve. I have done it. I know it can be done and can be done in lovely way. $4 colored bins adorn my hall closet. Each one is labeled and color coded for each member of my family. In that bin is everything for that person that they would need for outside. Simple, clean and under $20. Why do I need a fancy shelving system for $200??

What would have been really interesting is if they showed us how to organize closets and whole rooms for under $50. Great ideas do not have to have to be expensive. A glue gun and creativity can sometimes transform a room. I know that a lazy susan transformed underneath my bathroom sink!

So there is my rant for the day. I think that this talk show host is so rich that "reasonable" to her is outrageous to most of us.

Can I get a amen?


Anonymous said...

Can you please come and help me organize my kitchen! I tried yesterday only to realize when it was too late that my lazy susan with my spices does not fit into my top cabinets. The doors won't close. So yeah, it's not like I can go out and buy new cabinets. I have reorganized my cabinets 50 times and nothing is working. HELP! Mon