Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Some fun for St. Patricks Day!

I try to keep things fun by celebrating whatever holiday we happen to be in. ( Mama's know that when kids get bored we tend to get a little crazy. Crazy mama= not good) Here are some fun things to do with your little leprechauns at home this week!

Play shamrock bingo- Click here for making the Bingo cards and call out cards. You can choose, letters, numbers, pictures, words.. whatever you are working on with your little ones !! Use green jellybeans or even make your own Shamrocks out of construction paper!

Make them some shamrock pancakes! - Just some green food coloring added to the batter and some creative spooning does the trick. My babies love these!

Coloring- Here are some printable St. Patricks day coloring pages. Maybe this will keep them busy enough for you to make dinner! Here is one with jokes at the bottom if your little one is into telling jokes :)

Have some game time- Here is a printable puzzle. Here is a maze. Here is the shamrock memory game. Or go here to see them all!

Have a green dinner - I plan on doing this for St. Patricks day with my Shepherds pie recipe. I plan to color the mashed potatoes green, have broccoli and green milk. Hopefully they will be intrigued and not grossed out :)

Attend a parade or free concert- I know living in Dublin Ohio we have plenty O' opportunity. Check with your local chamber of commerce to see if your community is having parades or celebrations. Its a chance to get out of the house and learn about another culture. ( For free most times- woohoo! )

Green scavenger hunt- Send them on a scavenger hunt. (This can be done inside or outside.) The person to find the most green things wins!

Do you do anything for St. Patricks day? I would love to hear about it ! One "lucky" commenter will win St. Patricks day window clings! (I will pick the winner on St. Patricks day)


Beth said...

I make shamrock cookies and decorate them and we make sure we all have green on!

Elissa said...

I will have to try the shamrock pancakes! I remember my mom giving us green milk (made with food coloring - not bad milk!) when we were young.

elissa at huebert dot org

Liza767 said...

we play hide the shamrocks the kids love it