Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mama Knows Best! - Kitchen tip

Every Saturday I will be featuring Mama Knows Best series. We as mamas have to be innovative and thrifty all in the same beat. Somehow we find new ways of doing things that save us money, time and maybe if we are really blessed.... sanity! This week its just a simple trick I use to save me time while cooking/ cleaning up dinner!

I love cooking dinner. I hate cleaning up afterwards. Maybe its the food making me sleepy afterwards or the long day catching up with me. Whatever it is, I am just not that motivated after dinner!!

I have figured out that if I clean as I cook, I have alot less to clean up.

At the beginning of cooking, I take a plastic grocery bag. ( One of the millions from the store)

I lay it on the counter, opened. As I cook, I put all the trash in the bag. Its great because I don't leave waste on the counter, and I don't have to keep running to the trash can. When I am done cooking, I grab the bag and toss it in the trash and I am almost done!

You would be surprised how much time it saves in cleanup!! And that makes this mama very happy indeed. ( That with the fact that her lovely husband does the dishes- what a man!)

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Zegi said...

Rachel Ray has always done that on her 30 minute show...only she uses a bowl. That means you can recycle the bag and hubby washes it. We all win :)

Catie said...

That's a great idea!! And, what a great hubby you have! Our relationship is the opposite - he cooks; I clean! God bless him! :)