Wednesday, April 22, 2009

WFMW - Using what you have for birthday parties!

Hee Hay Y'all!!!

My darling son turned 3 this past week. I let him have his choice of any type theme party he wanted. As expected, he wanted a cowboy party. My mind started to race. Cakes, decorations, plates, food.

You guys know that birthdays can be very expensive. Its been my experience as a event planner in another life to use what you already have to save money. You don't waste money on something you will never use again and it often looks great!

I took a basket that I had in the basement and lined it with a bandanna. ( No I was not in a gang... I think we used it for a costume one year) I had leftover plates, bowls and cups from another party so no expense there. I then found some little red buckets that I had with my fourth of July things to hold the silverware. To complete the authentic look I pulled my hubby great grandfathers oil lamp.

Another one of my hubbys relatives old pitcher.

My hubby got this straw to plant some seed around our yard. I begged him to hold off till after the party. What better place for presents? I found an old sign at a yard sale for change and hung it on the straw. Next I borrowed a old tin tub from my mama to keep the drinks cold.

I found a free template on-line for wanted posters. I then put my son, cousins, friends and his sister in them. I gave them names like "The mad dog gang" and being wanted for "nerve jumpin". The kids got a kick out of being on a wanted poster and it was free!

The party was a great success and everyone had fun. I didn't spend a fortune and I wasn't left with a bunch of stuff I didn't know what to do with afterwards. And that works for our whole family!!

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Through Thick and Thin said...

wow what a great idea! I love it!

Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

What cute ideas!


Amy said...

Great job! I love it when a whole theme party can be done without a visit to the local party supply store and lots of $$ spent. I'm the Activity Coordinator in a nursing home, and we do a lot of making themes out of stuff we already have. Those "wanted" posters are great- I'll have to look for those, as I'm sure my residents would get a kick out of them! :)

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shopannies said...

great idea

{ L } said...

This party looks perfect!! What a great job you did. I love doing parties. I can't believe how well you worked with what you had. Very impressed. :)

Susan said...

You did a great job!!! Yay you!! I have always been a fan of "making do" for kids' parties and using things that I either already have or are cheap. The kids have always enjoyed those parties as much as the really expensive ones.

Bahama Shores Mama said...

I love themed parites and this was adorable! I also try to use what I have for most of my parties!