Friday, June 5, 2009

Doctor drama....

I decided after getting sick various times over the last couple of months that I needed to break down and get a physical. After having two babies, I want to be preventative in the care for myself. The thought of letting something go that I could have taken care of drives me crazy.

I met my new doctor who was simply lovely. She was very thorough and I congratulated myself on getting references, asking other doctors that I knew and making a wise decision. Surely, God has led me to this wonderful women who would keep my body in working order. I was going to love having a a doctor that was close and compassionate! What a blessing.

At the end of the exam she asked if I had gotten a tetanus shot lately. I shrugged my shoulders, smiling saying I wasn't quite sure. She then smiled just as sweetly saying that I would be getting one today. My eyes narrowed as the doctor started to look more sinister in the florescent lighting. Hmmm...

The nurse came in and gave me a sympathetic look. She informed me that this shot could really hurt and I could be sore for a couple weeks. I wanted to tell her that my son was 8'14 and I pushed for 1 1/2 after the epidural wore off so I could handle a little shot but refrained.

She gave it to me and I felt like a champ. It wasn't that bad, I could handle pain! I went on about my day. Grocery shopping, cleaning. I did notice a little ache start to creep up my shoulder but I thought... it will get better! I'm tough! I was just trying to thank God for providing such a thorough doctor!

By dinner time the little ache had turned into a full on pain. I couldn't lift anything (have you ever tried to lift a 3 year old with one hand.. uggg ) I had to use my left hand to physically make my right hand pass something. ( Very visually entertaining, I assure you!) I started to get aggravated at the all consuming pain. Maybe this doctor has a dark side... maybe she left my room and hunched her troll shoulders, threw her head back and let out a "mwaaaaa ha ha ha"

By bedtime I was almost in tears. The Advil had helped a little but I thought the best thing to do was to just turn in for the night. My hubby was in the backyard talking to our neighbor about the bee problem. I went into the bedroom to get my Jammies on. I took my shorts off, painfully I might add, and then started to take my shirt off.

I managed to get the shirt halfway off. (It was the most painful thing I have experiences since my daughter decided to make her entry into the world like a bullet.) I managed to get my arm halfway up. The shirt was over my face and as I was slowly trying to get my arm lifted the buttons on the front of my shirt, snagged on my nose. Did you hear me people?!?! I had a button stuck up my nose.

Please picture the scene. I was standing in my undies, shirt stuck over my head, button snagged on my nose and my arm hurt so bad that it was trapped in the sleeve. I started to panic. I felt a little bead of sweat start to form. I couldn't yell for my hubby, the kids were asleep. I couldn't maneuver to the door because he was on our back porch talking to our neighbor. The site alone would ensure that the man would have nightmares for a long..... long time.

I managed to throw myself on the floor with only a little thud. I somehow worked the button out of my nose and this freed the good arm to pull the shirt off. I sat on the floor for a few minutes thinking about the devil woman doctor that did this to me.

So take my advice people. If someone perfectly nice asks you if you have had a tetanus shot lately, say yes.