Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Works for me Wednesday- Mom I'm bored edition

I am a blessed woman indeed that my kidlets don't know what the word bored means ... yet. I can always tell when they are bored, however when they start to whiiiinnnnnneeeee and roll around on the floor. :)

To keep the whining to a minimum, I try to keep a couple craft items on hand. Potatoes stamps are easy, fun and cheap. You simply need some fabric paint, a couple of potatoes and fabric of your choice. ( You can also use Acrylic paint and paper... any cookie cutter will do as well!)

I found white flour sacks towels at the dollar store. I then cut a potato in half and pressed a star shaped cookie cutter into the exposed part of the potato. I cut away the out side excess and whalah! A perfect star stamp! The round part that they stamp with is perfect for little hand too!

I then let my little guy stamp to his hearts content. He had a blast and now I have a Forth of July towel that makes me think of my little guy every time I look at it! (He practically beamed with pride while showing my hubby.) The whole project cost $1.10 and kept my toddler entertained!

Big kids can get into the fun too... like Mamas who get bored :)

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Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

Cute! I'll have to remember that for later use.


Lisa said...

What a fabulous idea, Summer!! Where did you find the towels? (I'm assuming Michael's or Joanne's). Btw, M looks like he is getting SO big! Isn't it amazing at 3 how they are getting to be such *kids*? I've gone through it once before, and it still amazes me. :)

I have to tell you that I used your Mother's Day craft idea (handprints on clay pots) for gifts for the grandmas, and they were a big hit (for the boys and for the grandmas)! We planted geraniums in the pots (after the paint was dry) and they looked SO cute that I wished I would have had them do one for me too! :-) Plus we spent something like $10 or so for both gifts...score! Thanks so much!

Marcy said...

Cute, cute, cute! I love that idea...very fun! :-)

Also love your new look! See you tomorrow (hopefully).

M said...

Great idea! I made a potato stamp years ago when I was a Girl Scout, but I love the idea of stamping a flour sack towel. I have tons of those around my place. I get them at Target.