Saturday, September 27, 2008

Great Halloween costume idea #1

I am a planner. I used to do it for living and now I do it for sanity :) So it came to no ones surprise when I knew what both of my kids were dressing as for halloween... in June. I am also one of those mama's that comes up with my own costumes. Its my moms fault really. We could never be anything normal and cool..... it had to be unique and original. Now that I look back I can see how cool it really was. So now I am ---scream--- morphing into my mother in this way.

I was a cowgirl when I was 2. A warm brown suede pant complete with fringe on the side and matching vest. I am soooooo excited that my son will wear m cowboy outfit as well. My grandmother kept it all these years tucked away in her keepsake chest for such an occasion. So naturally my six month old shall be an Indian. ( I am making this costume- many prayers needed :) )

This brings me to this particular post. I am always searching for creative ideas for my kids. I thought I would post some original ideas that I got from my past days of dressing up and some that I got from my friends. I will try to do one every week until halloween. If you have any ideas of your own email me at

So here is the first one.

Bag of groceries:

I wish that I could find the picture of me when I was this. I got so many compliments that year that I began to think that maybe my mom was half way cool.... then I got to middle school and of course that was over.

We went to the grocery store and got two paper bags. My mom then cut out two leg holes in the bottom. I wore a beige leotard and pantyhose but boys could wear black or white sweats?

We then saved boxes of granola bars, raisins, oatmeal canister etc for a month. Anything that we had used and were ready to throw away we would save. After putting my leg into the cut holes the bag came to my bust line. We then stuffed newspaper into the bottom of the bag and then strategically placed the empty boxes on the top. ( This gives the illusion like the bag is full without the heaviness

My southern mama finished the look with a big bow in my hair, lipstick and heels. ( At least I know where my love for all things heels comes from :) )

(You could always find a a box or other household item and make a hat out of it. )


Kate said...

Thanks so much for sharing this idea. I love it!

Antonia said...

Thanks for sharing great Halloween costume idea.