Saturday, September 27, 2008

Works for me Wednesday - A coupon tip.

I love cutting coupons and using them. What I do not love is having a big wad of coupons in my sweaty hands at the store or trying to go through my coupon organizer looking for the right coupons.

So I reorganized. I set up my coupon holder in order of the isles. I go to mostly the same store each week so it was easy to do. ( Most stores are set up in the same way in general so it should work in any store)

I started with produce and filed all coupons that I would use in that front section. Then came personal care items, paper products, cleaning products, canned goods, baking goods, dry goods, frozen foods, dairy and breads. Can I tell you how much time and more importantly hassle this has saved me. Now I don't have to fish out all the coupons out before I go to the store! I just cruise to the isle and open to that section in my coupon organizer. This of course... works for me!

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