Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bertolli coupons

I LOVE Bertolli bagged dinners.... I know what your thinking. Frozen bagged dinners are gross and expensive. I think that about alot of them on the market. Bertolli, however tastes like something you would order at a fancy Italian restaurant. When my hubby works nights I DO NOT COOK!! This is perfect for me and the kids and has veggies!!!

You can usually get them at Walmart for under 6.50. I just found coupons for $2 off. That's a meal for under $5.00... WOOHOO!!! Go to the site below to download your coupon. Maybe you can take the extra time you save and take a bath :)


Lisa said...

You are awesome, you know that? ;) I LOVE Bertolli meals! I haven't tried the oven bake kind, only the skillet variety, but you are right that they taste like something you'd get in a good restaurant. Delicious, and so easy!

Thank you so much for the coupon link. I printed two and will use them!