Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I saved $75 at Kroger- here's how...

So I could hardly sleep last night. My hubby says I am addicted and I am! I used information here about the sales and coupons at Kroger. Then add the mega sale in which I got $10 back. This is what I got....

Before coupons and saving $161.13... after .................. $ 85.16!!! I am so excited.

Everything here I got for free or under .39. ( Except the cocoa and biscuits which were AWESOME deals)

The cookies -Free

The steamers- .9

The Reese's Whipps bars -FREE

The Colgate toothpaste - FREE

The Eggo waffles - .39

Suave body wash- FREE

Loreal kids Shampoo- FREE

Snapple- Free

The Hershey's cocoa- $2

A 4 pack of biscuits ( 10 in each tube) - $1.73

This was my best shopping trip so far on my coupon adventure and there are few reasons why.

1.) Don't be afraid of managers specials. I got 2 packs of cookies marked down to $1 and the expiration date was a year away!!

2.) Look for red and white tags that say CLOSEOUT. That is how I got my toothpaste, shampoo and body wash for free. They were already half off or more due to the closeout. Combine that with my coupons that double and wahlah... FREE!

3.) You have to take all your coupons with you... I know I know this is a pain in the tushy. It was the only way I got my free stuff. I didn't know what closeout deals they were going to have so unless I took everything.....

4.) You have to go down every isle. There was stuff that wasn't on my list but I got it for free. I'll take it!

Happy Shopping!!!


Lisa said...

Isn't this great?! I started truly utilizing coupons and sales back in October and have never looked back. When I can get Green Giant Steamers for free (got five of them last week for free) or French's mustard for 19 cents (did that last night), why not? I'm addicted too!

The Mega Mix & Match deals at Kroger lately are the greatest! Watch your local Kmart too for their double coupons up to $2 (in other words, you can double a $2 coupon). I don't know if they will still be running these, but I've seen it happen twice in the past couple months, and you can get some great deals that way too. I bought some boxes of cereal for 50 cents a piece, and got some kids' toothpaste (Colgate or Crest, can't remember which) for 49 cents. I also got some free items, though I forget now what they were.

I have to control myself from buying too many things that we don't actually need, because that IS tempting. But I've stocked our pantry, fridge and freezer with necessities and goodies that a family of four use on a daily basis. I carry my coupons with me all the time now (ALL of them, in a binder), and I won't go back!

Sorry for getting so chatty! ;-) But this is a topic that I'm very excited about lately. :)