Sunday, February 15, 2009

Making a Happy Home Monday- Helping little ones feel big

This week I discovered that my son has a favorite new phrase..... "ME DO!!!" Before I was a mom I would think that this would be a good thing. Now, however when I hear the phrase it sends shivers down my spine. I know that these two little words will cause me at least 15 extra minutes, some tears and several countdown in my head to keep from losing it.

To make our home a little happier( and mama too... which is never a bad thing) I found this.

I just hung a cheap little hook on the inside of the closet door. Its right at his level. He can get it off the hook and put it on... well sort of. This makes getting out the door with a few less tears, head countdowns and frustration. And this makes everyone happy!!

(Please ignore the vacuum hanging out.... It was a long weekend :) )

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