Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What to do with those big Valentines day sales!

I went shopping with my friend yesterday. We were delighted to see all the Valentines merchandise 50% off or more. We sat there with things in our hands, excited about the price but not sure what to do with them. Here are some ideas we came up with.....

- Take the mixture of pink M&M's you find anywhere and use them at your daughters birthday party. Either bake them in cookies and arrange them on a tray or leave them in a pretty bowl for attendees to munch on.

- They had large bags of little play doughs in a variety of pink, red and white shades. Use these as favors for your child's next party... everybody loves a little play dough!!

-Buy cards that are not HOT (You know Hannah Montana may be in jail next year at Valentines day....I'm just sayin..) Stick with classics such as Snoopy, Strawberry shortcake etc. It seems like we always run out of Valentines and these could be your backup at such a cheap price!

- Buy the marked down Valentines day pink cake mixes to use at the next baby shower your helping with. ( Save the heart candy sprinkles for next Valentines day or your anniversary) Everyone loves some pink cupcakes!

- Buy pink picture frames for next to nothing for a girls room.

Do you have a great idea for those Valentines sales? Leave a comment!!


Beth said...

I buy the bags of chocolate like Dove or Hersey kisses And I use them when I make chocolate covered strawberries.

Lisa said...

If you can find them (I need to watch for these), buy the Valentine's treat bags at clearance prices to use for your child's school party for next year. This year we put a valentine, a couple chocolates, and a valentine's pencil in each bag to give to each friend at school...but the bags aren't that cheap when you pay full price.

Come to think of it, watch for non-perishable items like holiday pencils, stickers, plastic rings, etc that you can save for next year as well. You can literally mix & match stuff in the treat bags too. The kids in my son's class don't rip through their treat bags until they get home, so no one knows what the other kids have gotten. :)