Monday, March 30, 2009

Kids Easter Baskets

Are you tired of the same chocolate bunny appearing every year in the same ol' basket? Here are some basket ideas your kiddo's are sure to love!!


My little guy is very into helping me in the garden or with flowers. So this Easter I am including his own Diego gloves, digger, rake, and seed packets. You can also include starter grow kids, sun hats, watering cans and water boots.

Fun in the sun-
Beach towels in favorite character, sand tools, molds, sunglasses, swim shoes, swim suits, colored funky sunscreen (remember zinc?), sun hat. Put it all in a beach bag or sand pail !

Little Cooks-
My baby loves to cook. He takes every opportunity to help me with whatever I am fixin in the kitchen!! I found a real life chef hat and apron at GFS for cheap and he loves it ! Add some cooking tools ( made in their little sizes), cookie cutters, easy bake oven, personalised dishtowels(go to craft store and get iron on letters or some fun decals). There are so many things that can add!

Sports theme-
Your little guy or gal may be into a certain sport or team. Use it to your advantage and make their basket themed. Get a basket in the teams color and then fill with the team colored candy(in sports eggs) balls, Jerseys, sports passes.

Barbie basket-
You know.... pink basket, barbie, barbie clothes, shoes, purses. Find candy lipstick, glittery candy. If its pink, glittery and girly put it in there sister!

Movie lovers-
Do you have a child that is crazy about movies? Fill their baskets with bargain movies that you can find at Target, Wal-mart etc. Little boxes of candies. popcorn packets, seasonings, assorted candy.

Music lovers-
I-tunes cards, cd's, headphones, microphones. If you have a daughter who is into Hannah Montanna you have a thousand thing you can put in there!

Tool man-
My son has always liked working out in the garage with his dad. Fill a basket with a tool belt, carpenter pencils, "play" real looking tools, Hard hat, tape measure, flashlight.

Your artist-
Colored pencils, coloring books, paper pads, markers, paints, brushes, stencils, molds, stamps. The choices are limitless!!

There are like a thousand colors of playdough out there. Tools, mats, cutters, molds. Many times you can find that Toy's R us and other stores run playdough sales.

Game on -
Uno cards, old maid, travel games, domino's. Many times the dollar store will have a great variety of card games.

Little reader-
Books, magazines, comics. (I also like to put in some puzzles.) Bookmarks, highlighters etc.

Princess Baskets-
Dress up outfits, play shoes(heels of course!), Play jewelry, purses, pink, purple or sparkly and its a sure win!

Happy Easter!!


The ADD Housewife said...

GREAT post! I've been on the lookout for other 'non-candy' ideas for my childrens easter Baskets. I don't like them getting tons of candy. Definatly saving this for use later!
Thanks so much!