Wednesday, April 1, 2009

How I keep my coupons organized....

I have gotten several e-mails wondering how I keep my coupons organized. I have to tell you that I have just now gotten a system that I feel works.

What I used to do is have a coupon "wallet". You know the accordion style. It worked for quite a while. What I found however, is that I was wasting alot of time shuffling through my coupons each week at the store trying to see if I had a corresponding coupon! All of us mamas know that time is limited with kidlets and a hungry hubby at home!

I needed a way to be able to see all my coupons fast and easy. (I take all my coupons with me everytime I shop because many times I will find deals at the store that are manager markdowns or on sale. The last thing you want to do is make another trip back to the store!!)

This is what I came up with.......

I use a 3 ring binder. (I liked pink.... pink makes me happy.) I then got some nifty tabs that are erasable. This way when I want to use them in another way I can re-use instead of re-buy.

I then organize my tabs by grocery isles. Most stores are set up the same. Produce is first then personal items, etc. I almost always grocery shop the same store so I set it up by that. No more flipping through tabs.... they are all in order!

I found some baseball card holders which has large slots-9 to a page. They work perfect for coupons. I can see whole coupon, expiration date and value. (No more shuffling through coupons to see which ones need to be thrown away as well. woohoo!! ) I organize the coupons by brand withing the tab.

Example: In the hair tab I have all the Dove shampoos together, then Pantene etc. This also saves me alot of flipping and time!

This may seem like alot of extra trouble but I assure you that it saves you a ton of time and money in the end. It may take some extra time to set it up initially but once its set up, it takes less time to maintain then a "pile".

So yes I look like a freak at the grocery store with my binder. I realize. I am a money saving freak, however and I can live with that !!


Lisa said...

My system is almost identical, I'm as much (or more?) of a freak as you! I don't generally organize the brands within each section though. If I can easily keep them together, I do, but otherwise it takes so long to put it together that I don't do that extra step.

My tab dividers are pantry items (almost anything not frozen/refrig), candy/beverages, refrigerated section/produce, frozen foods, health & beauty, cosmetics, medicines, then I have an etc. section (restaurants, auto maintenance, non-grocery stores...).

I saw your tv debut online. Great to finally hear your did great! :) btw...I love the red tags at Kroger too! lol

Rachlea's Coupon Barn said...

i have nominated you for the Lemonaid stand award check out my blog. Thanks

Anonymous said...

One More Tip For you!!! Do not get rid of your expired coupons or your Kroger, Meijer catalina coupons. Giant Eagle accepts expired coupons and competitor catalinas!!!! Hope this helps you!