Monday, April 6, 2009


While I am taking a week off for Easter I thought I would post some "retro" posts of mine. Hope you have a wonderful Easter!!

About the age of 2, my head strong child informed me that he would not be wearing any more bibs. He kept the reason for the decision to himself. I at first thought it was no big deal until laundry time came around. That and that now I had twice as much to wash b/c he would get dirty before we left to go somewhere and need to be changed.
I thought I was doomed for a pile of laundry and stain stick purchases when I stumbled upon the above bandanna. He is really into cowboys. So much so that when he sees a horse he says "hee haw!!! " to the top of his lungs. No matter where we are or who is around. He found this bandanna in his toy box and instantly wanted it on. I didn't think much of it until it saved his shirt from destruction before church. Now when I want to save his clothes before we go somewhere I ask if he wants to play cowboy. Out comes the hat and scarf.

As long as he doesn't start referring to food as "chow" and calling me little lady I will keep playing cowboys at mealtime... HEE HAW!