Monday, April 6, 2009

Did you know? Random thoughts

While I am taking a week off for Easter I thought I would post some "retro" posts of mine. Hope you have a wonderful Easter!!

Here some random things that may help you .... they have helped me !

Holding a wooden match in your mouth while cutting onions will prevent tearing up. ( A girlfriend pointed out to me to make sure its not lit :) )

Cleaning lamp shades are easy to do with a clothing lint tape roller.

My family loves eating outside in the summertime. Since we don't want to run back in the house to get seconds we lug everything outside which is a pain and creates lots of dishes too!
After cooking, put your food in your storage containers and put them on the table with the lids on. This not only keeps the bugs out, the food hot but also cuts the cleaning in half! All you do is snap on the lid and put in the fridge.


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