Monday, July 20, 2009

A Teachers View- Mom I'm Bored!!

I am blessed to live next to a elementary school teacher who loves my kids and we love her!! She has multiple education degrees and is the first person I run to when I am worried about speech, development or anything learning related!! She has agreed to write a weekly post for me on some common concerns involving little ones and just great ideas! If you have a topic that you would like to see addressed, please e-mail me at
Mom, I’m Bored!

We’re halfway through summer, which I can’t believe. If you’re kids are anything like the family I am nanny-ing for, they’re starting to get BORED. Here’s some of the ways we’ve bet the boredom this summer.

1. Change locations

Always go to the same pool or park? Switch it up! If you always go to the same metro park, pick a new one. Always going to the same pool? Try a different one. In my town we are fortunate enough to have two community pools and for some reason, the kids are dying to go to the “other one”, even though it’s really just a pool and doesn’t have the water slides and lazy river the other one does. Most pools offer reduced rates in the evening, so even if you’re membership is somewhere else, you can still enjoy the pool.

2. Try something in your hometown you’ve never done.

I’ve lived in my hometown for over 20 years, but there are still things about it I’m just discovering. I had no idea that we had a historical park that does educational programming and offers tours all summer long. I’ve only been driving by it forever! So this summer, we’ll be checking out Weaver Park - three bucks for adults, dollar for kids.

When I told my dad I’d never been to the Statehouse, he was floored. Now there is even more reason to go as the museum as reopened after renovations. Best of all: it’s free!
3. For a day, kids rule.

One day a summer, I let each kiddo pick the day’s activity. It’s totally up to them, whatever they want. The only catch - it has to cost under $20 for all five of us. So far this summer, we’ve done lunch at McDonald’s then pool all afternoon and Homestead Park with ice cream at DQ. From listening in on conversations, I think we might be going to Michael’s and getting craft kits soon and possibly, the dollar movies and Graeter’s.

4. Happy Hour at Sonic Drive-In.

From 2-4pm drinks and slushes are ½ price at Sonic. Great way to beat the summer heat. There are only a handful in Columbus and they are relatively new. My kiddos had never been to a Sonic and loved pulling up to a stall and having our drinks delivered. Total cost: Under $5.