Wednesday, July 22, 2009

WFMW - Messy Parties!!

I cannot take credit for this fantabulous idea! My friend came up with this one and I am so grateful she included us in it!

Kids, even the best of em', get bored in the summertime! To shake things up, my girlfriend April, invited us to a "Messy Party". I was totally in, although wondering what we were getting ourselves into. OH MY GOODNESS, was it fantastic. The kids had a blast, took great naps and the mamas got the chance to catch up! The whole idea is to let them get messy, explore textures and just have a great time!

My friend set up stations in her yard. The first station was paper plastered the whole way across her garage. She then had big plastic containers of washable paints and a bucket of different shaped sponges. We just let the kids go wild! They put their hands in it and kept looking back to make sure it was ok :)

Next station was a oatmeal mixture where they could put their hands and feet in "goo" and screech... good times!

Station #3 was whipped cream and pudding that they could body paint with. They loved getting their hands in it and painting each other and themselves! Since everything was edible, mamas didn't have to worry about it getting in their mouths. I will spare you the "after" pics with our kids covered like rainbow children :)

(She also had a baby pool and sprinkler set up so if the kids ever got too dirty they could just jump in and clean off! )

We completed the day with cool lemon aide, sandwiches and brownies. To say that the kiddos had a great time was an understatement! I have to say that my friend has made me a fan of messy parties!! There is something so freeing that after telling your little one not to get dirty 546 times to finally tell them to go at it! And that works for this mama.....

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wherelifebecomesart said...

Ooooh I love it!!! I'm wondering how old the children were at the party and what age this would really work best for. What a great idea!